We Help Clients Better Engage With Members

We offer several solutions that help our clients with engagement through apparel + retention services.

Branded Apparel Member Retention

The Principles of Our Solutions

Hybrid Solution

Looking for options and flexibility? We've got you covered. Utilize print-on-demand drop-shipping technology AND bulk order printing/branding.

NO Inventory

Eliminate the need to "over-order" when buying apparel or merch through pre-orders. In fact, buy NO inventory at all.

Full Automation

Take care of your members while you sleep. Our solution completely automates the ordering, printing and shipping process for you!

Extensive Catalog

Choose from our extensive catalog with hundreds of items and styles to choose from! We have an assortment that will meet your needs.

No Hidden Fees

Don't get blindsided by fees! We don't monkey around with pricing. We keep our pricing models clear and simple for all services.

All-In-One Solution

We can build your apparel store, create a retention plan, or both! Looking for the entire package? We can do that too.

Print On Demand Apparel Solution


Tired of the old pre-order process? Come up with a design, get feedback, find a printer, produce the apparel, likely miss shirts (or get the wrong sizes), get the product, bill clients, and distribute - we've all been there.

We help clients automate this process while simultaneously removing the inventory liability. Learn more by clicking below!

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Client Spotlight - Beautifully Savage

Meet Joe and hear from him firsthand about his experience working together with ThreadLink.

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Member Retention Solution

People yearn for connection. They NEED your attention. But how can you give your undivided attention to 100+ people? You need SYSTEMS of outreach. Client outreach must start as soon as their first contract is signed with you. 

A physical connection made with your new clients is essential to getting them to stick around longer. Getting your clients to buy into your belief system, get them to believe in your company, the sooner you will have a customer for life. 

When clients buy into your belief system, they listen to what you say. When they listen and enact what you tell them, they see results. These results get you positive reviews, testimonials, and referrals. These are all FREE sources of new members! 

Imagine your gym having a reduced churn rate AND not having to pay to advertise to new members. BLISS. 

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